Eating Fit While on the Road

You can travel for vacation/work this summer and still eat right. What if you could also manage to improve your body composition (fat to lean ratio) at the same time? This time of year, many people ask some variation of the following questions:

Coach Cory, I’ve been following your nutrition program consistently all year, but not I’m getting ready to go on my summer vacation. I don’t want to regain all the weight and body fat I lost these past months.” <OR> “Coach Cory, I travel a lot for work. That makes it difficult if not impossible to eat right and stay on a healthy program like yours.”

In the past, I’ve spoken to groups about healthy living on the road. I think this is a perfect opportunity to revisit this topic here. Working professionals who travel a lot and people traveling on extended vacations share the same challenges when trying to stay healthy.

First off, YES, it is absolutely possible to make great progress while traveling. I have one client who managed to lose 30 pounds in his first year working with me, while at the same time traveling for work. He was on the road for 2 weeks every month that year!

So whether you are a road warrior or just a travel junkie, if you spend more time in an airport than at home or the office, my Bodies That Work System for Optimum Living can work for you, too!

Eating Right

It seems like everyone I talk to thinks that just because we are traveling it’s OK to chuck any idea of healthy eating out the window! So many people work hard all year, focusing on better eating habits, only to throw it all away as soon as the holidays roll around or they take a trip someplace. This is just another variation on yo-yo dieting. Taking an entire week off from eating healthy makes getting back on track when you return a whole lot harder.

Your best bet is to simply tread water while traveling, so as not to lose all the momentum you’ve built up. You can do this by focusing on a few goals while traveling:

  • maximizing protein consumption
  • limiting liquid calories (repeat my mantra, “never drink your calories”)
  • eating vegetables

…and my favorite rule from yesterday…

  • never miss 2 in a row

Maximizing Protein
Protein builds muscle. It is also filling. Make sure every meal has a protein source. When traveling, aim to eat as much of it as possible. This is a better alternative than filling up on empty calories like bread.

Limit Liquid Calories
Once again, repeat my mantra… “never drink your calories.” Oh sure, I know there is a good chance that alcohol will be involved—even if it’s just wine with dinner. The point I’m trying to make is that we need to be extra diligent with meals so the alcohol doesn’t throw everything off completely.

Eating Vegetables
Vegetables are our friend. Like protein, I always try to eat as many vegetables as possible; and you should, too. Vegetables are full of nutrients, while being light on calories. One last comment on vegetables… catsup and fried potatoes are NOT vegetables. Stick to raw or roasted.

Never Miss 2 in a Row
Anything is better than nothing. Avoid compounding one mistake by making another. Just because you had one Margarita too many yesterday, does not mean that your eating program is ruined, you’ve blown it, and now you might as well give up because of one lapse. That is a losing mentality. If you eat poorly for one meal or even one day, just make your next meal a healthy priority. You’ll be right back on the horse with only a small blip in your program. No excuses.

Now, your are mentally prepared to eat right. Get out there and enjoy yourself. 

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